Watch The Crowd Go Wild When President Trump Grabs a Texan Flag & Says These 4 Words


It’s no secret that the majority of Texans support President Donald Trump, and this story confirms it. The state was in a state of complete celebration when Trump paid them a visit on Tuesday. Both President Trump and the First Lady Melania Trump showed up in Corpus Christi following the destruction of the massive hurricane. They met with first responders who were dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, and the devastation was too real.

On his way to the Annabelle Fire Department to go through a briefing about the area’s rescue efforts, President Trump was greeted with hundreds of happy Texas residents who were thrilled to see him visiting their state. They welcomed President Trump with open arms, and a lot of cheering. People could be heard shouting “Texas for Trump” and “We love Trump.” They also exclaimed things like “Texas Strong” and chants of “USA” were heard all around. So many Texas citizens lined the streets that they can be seen frame to frame in the following photo.

Onlookers watched as President Trump took the time to make note of all the Texans who gathered to welcome him. He climbed up a ladder and waved the Texas state flag for all to see. He then said four little words that made the crowd cheer.

“Texas can handle anything!” the president stated.


Conservative Tribune reported:

Trump has made a strong effort to stay in the loop about the hurricane preparations and response efforts. On Twitter, he posted numerous updates as he and the first lady monitored the storm from Camp David, and made it clear that he intended to visit the affected areas as soon as possible.

The president was reportedly also in close contact with Texas officials, including Governor Abbott, former Governor Rick Perry and Senator Ted Cruz.

“[The president] told me directly whatever Texas needs, you got it,” Cruz stated to CNBC’s Contessa Brewer, who is on location in Houston.

What would have been the easy way out is if President Trump had just tweeted out a few concerned messages and said something to the effect of how horrible what happened in Texas is, but instead he did what he could to actually help Texas. President Trump did what most people would not. He took the time out of his life to make the effort to show Texas that he was there for them, and he wasn’t going to abandon them in their time of need. Thank you, Mr. President, for showing us how a president is supposed to respond to emergency situations.


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