Sean Hannity Destroys Jimmy Kimmel On Live TV … “You Are Pretty Creepy…”


In a recent uncovering of a video that I’m sure comedian Jimmy Kimmel wants buried for good, America was shown the true nature of a man who claims that he is “a good guy.”

Kimmel, along with countless other leftist Hollywood celebrities have been bashing President Trump, even calling him sexist and making claims that he has sexually assaulted women in the past.

Sure, President Trump has made a few inappropriate comments over the years, but who hasn’t?

I’m pretty sure that what Kimmel was doing while filming “The Man Show” was a lot worse than saying something slightly inappropriate. After all, actions do speak louder than words.

The clip that recently resurfaced from “The Man Show” is truly shocking and pretty disheartening to anyone who previously thought that Kimmel was a good guy. Kimmel is shown playing a “game” in which he asks multiple attractive females to guess what’s in his pants… yeah, totally inappropriate. And this is coming from a guy who has been on the anti-Trump bandwagon from the beginning.

Luckily, an outspoken conservative Fox News host decided to comment on the situation. Sean Hannity has been known throughout the years as a man who isn’t afraid to let people know how he’s feeling. And, if someone has done something wrong, he will give them the verbal smackdown they deserve. Hannity decided enough was enough, and he issued Jimmy Kimmel his own verbal smackdown. While Kimmel continues to do whatever he can to entice viewers and gain attention, Hannity had a few things to say to the “comedian.”

It’s obvious that while Kimmel has been doing whatever he can do boost his ratings, he hasn’t been doing it right. Americans are starting to believe that Kimmel would use any cheap trick to become the topic of conversations.

I guess in a way he is succeeding. People are starting to talk about him, but not for anything good. He is being accused of sexual assault, and that’s not really something to brag about.

Kimmel has explained that he won’t be making jokes about Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein. He even stated that he is “not the moral conscious of America.” Well duh Kimmel. I could have told you that. The only reason he isn’t going to make jokes about Weinstein is because he’s being accused of sexual assault and he doesn’t want to incriminate himself anymore than he already has.

After seeing Kimmel ask women to put their mouths on his crotch and feel what’s in his pants during a segment of “The Man Show,” I’m pretty sure most of America has had it with this guy.

Hannity had a lot to say about Kimmel’s actions. He stated, “Gun nuts? Not the moral conscience of America? Well I guess Kimmel reserves his late-night comments for causes that are only expedient to him. And by the way, speaking of Mr. Kimmel, last night we played for you part of a very disturbing clip of him when he was a cohost of “The Man Show,” asking women to feel and touch with both hands and put their mouth on what’s in his pants.

Before we show you, we must warn you, this video is extremely graphic. Are you proud of this? 18? Put your mouth on them? Guess what, Kimmel, you’re pretty creepy. Yeah, okay, you’re not the moral compass if you will, for America today. I will agree with that.”

Let’s hope Kimmel takes a step out of the public’s eye for a while. It’s time for him to reconsider what it means to be a “comedian.” Because what he was caught doing in the infamous video clip is not funny whatsoever.


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