POLL: Should We Keep Islam Out of American Public Schools?


Patriots, are you okay with radical Islam being taught in our public schools? Would it be fair to teach Islam while ignoring Christianity and Judaism?

The radical Left continues to infect our schools, but now they want to introduce Islam into the school curriculum. Recently, San Diego has decided to fight “Islamaphobia” by teaching Islam and Islamic holidays. Why are OUR children being indoctrinated at school?

Once again, the radical Left continues to reach new lows. Ever the hypocrites, they claim to be against teaching religion in schools. Come to find out, however, they are only against teaching about the God of the Bible. Islam is perfectly okay to them!

The mainstream media has largely ignored this story. That shouldn’t be a surprise, patriots. The mainstream media loves to defend radical Islam, even when it is attacking them in the streets. The Left needs to get their priorities straight.

This is not a battle the Left should be fighting. They aren’t going to make people more comfortable with the idea of teaching Islamic propaganda in schools, but we are talking about southern California, so who knows?

Liberals are the kings and queens of hypocrisy. They are constantly worried that the so-called right-wing “racists” are going to attack the radical Islamic community. They even went as far as to claim that the “okay” hand symbol was racist.

It is bizarre that anyone could believe that the “okay” sign is some sort of racist symbol. The mainstream media and the radical Left are obsessed and paranoid. They focus on nonexistent threats.

The Left is unhinged, and they are focused on the wrong things. We are under attack by radical Islamic terrorists, but they focus on some racist boogeymen and Putin.

How did we survive eight years of Obama? Our county is divided and paranoid. Thank goodness we elected Trump to unite our nation. With Trump in office, we can put an end to this insanity. We aren’t going to allow the liberals to divide us.

We cannot allow radical Islam to sneak into our education programs. Isn’t it funny that true conservatives are now defending personal liberties and rights? Wasn’t that the Left’s claim to fame? This is just another example of how liberals only care about raw power.

I guess this just proves that it is us, the true conservatives, who are the actual defenders of freedom. Maybe the liberal media should admit they have failed the Bill of Rights. Patriots, we are the true defenders of freedom. The Left has never been on the right side.

At least we have Donald Trump’s Department of Education to defend American liberties. With Betsy DeVos in office, we can protect our children from this blatant attempt at indoctrination.

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POLL: Should We Keep Islam Out of American Public Schools?


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  1. They need to be sent back to their own country. America is all about wanting to welcome other people from around the world. However, they have to abide by our laws and not to expect that Americans are going to change for them.


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