JUST IN: Congress Makes MAJOR Move,OFFICIALLY Investigate Obama For Treason!!


Former president Barrack Obama may finally be brought to the face of justice for his shady activity while he was still President.

Leaders of the House Oversight Committee are demanding answers regarding the claims that Obama’s administration disregarded the U.S. attempt to keep weapons out of the hands of Iranian trafficking networks during the Iranian nuclear deal, reported Politico.

They are also trying to figure out whether or not Obama’s administration compromised the national security of the U.S. in his arrangements with Tehran. Obama ’s administration lied to patriotic Americans after they revealed the terms of the arrangement. There’s definitely something askew here.

The former administration has given us many reasons not to be able to completely trust them. These Democrats were prepared to sacrifice an American life in order to boost their egos and to look good in the eyes of misled voters.

You don’t need much to realize how uncomfortable liberals are with full disclosures, take, for instance, the situation with Wikileaks’ release of material about Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server. They went into full panic mode. Political hacks on TV are telling us we cannot read Clinton’s emails because they were unconstitutional.

Nonetheless, the emails were available for the media’s perusal and they told lies and nothing of any use to us. This seriously jeopardizes the media’s credibility and reliability. So much for the transparency.

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source: washingtonfeed.com



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