Muslim Figure: “We must have Pork-Free Menus Or We Will Leave U.S.” How Would You Respond This?


Muslim migrants have turned into a worldwide issue, and the circumstance deteriorates each day. Our nation has had a considerable measure of Muslim-related issues of late, yet this time settlers went too far. President Donald Trump had the ideal answer for the issue forced by outsiders, however Democrats didn’t bolster him. You won’t think about what occurred next…

Barack Obama urged Muslims to request their rights. Muslims were informed that America is an astonishing nation loaded with potential outcomes. All things considered, it wasn’t some time before settlers set particular prerequisites. Some of these individuals do have issues, and need genuine help. Be that as it may, the vast majority of them are simply crossing the US outskirt to appreciate greatest advantages.

President Trump realized this would transform into a difficult issue, and recommended that our nation bars foreigners from a few Muslim dominant part nations. Tragically, the travel boycott was blocked comfortable start, and Muslim outsiders attacked the nation.

America resembles a strong and minding host, however some of its guests are accompanying lethal thoughts in their psyche. They are continually requesting more. This time Muslim settlers made a particular request, and it includes sustenance served in schools.

Muslim outsiders in Chevigny-Saint-Sauveur are attempting to adjust the lunch menu in schools. Their arrangement didn’t work, so now they are proposing that schools offer “option lunch menus” that wo exclude any pork. Be that as it may, Mayor Michel Rotger stood up to them.

The leader prohibited such menus to spare nearby government cash. As indicated by Rotger, elective menus dependably prompt waste. “We are setting up an operation so the youngsters eat everything and their eating regimens are adjusted. There is excessively squander so we will show them to eat meat, be it poultry or pork,” clarified Mayor Rotger.

Liberals didn’t reconsider before assaulting the leader. Paul Garrigue disliked Rotger’s choice. Garrigue is the leader of a gathering comprised of Amnesty International, the League of Human Rights, and different affiliations

Muslim Figure: “We Must Have Pork-Free Menus Or We Will Leave U.S.” How Would You Respond This?

“Today, we are discussing secularism in a by and large hostile to Muslim way. We consider secularism to be a device of resilience and living respectively and not rejection,” Garrigue said.

What do you think about making elective menus? Will Muslims continue with their requests?


  1. Lol… sorry but bye…. we don’t have vegetarian menus. Or no fat menus… know your grounds and don’t get caught up in the pork type food… God Bless and best wishes

    • When I went to public school, the lunch menu on Friday was always pizza or fish because Catholics didn’t eat meat on Fridays. But that’s different, right?

      • UH, did you go to a Catholic school? No school I ever went to served only veg or fish on Friday. In some it was an option but never just fish or veg. If someone demanded a meal in a public school based on their religion I would say “bring your own”. So, does someone think non-muslim children should fast during Ramadan?

        All of ya’ll get over it. Division of church and state means all religions.

      • so you’re ok with this muslim pork-free request? Catholics don’t say there should be meat free menus. The Catholics were offered an option. The Muslims are likewise free to not eat pork on a menu that includes pork. The Muslims are offered an option, just as Catholics were/are.

      • Yeah, actually it is… your exaggerating by saying Fridays like it’s actually over a span of 9 months when school is in session when in fact it’s only during Lent, that is the period of 3 weeks, or 3 Fridays out of the year that Catholics go through their ritual. Muslims don’t want 3 Fridays…. they want 5 days a week x 4 weeks per month x 9 months per year… hmmm…. 180 days of no pork on school menu as opposed to 3 days of meatless Friday observed…. hmmm…. is that really on the same level?

    • I am American and I eat vegetarian food at resteraunts not because I am vegetarian but because I prefer it over beef, I eat pork, chicken and seafood along with vegetables and fruit

  2. No immigrants or refugees of any background have demanded everyone to change for them i.e. Jews, Italian, Scotch-Irish , and all other nationalities
    If you want to come to America you adapt!

  3. Who writes these articles? Or a better question would be: ‘Does anyone edit these articles before they are published?” Grammer is terrible, content is sloppy, and spelling errors as well. Do better people!


  5. Never
    No one else has ever asked for such a think.
    No Jewish no Indian no Vegan
    Why should we ask for it now…

  6. Every human being on the planet has natural right, but only Americans have Constitutional right. even nif you are a refugee or illegal alien, you do not have Constitutional rights while in the borders of the USA.

  7. I would tell them there is a budget the school has to meet. Parents can send the child a sack lunch if they don’t want them to have what is on the menu.

  8. Assimilate and respect other cultures or get lost and go back to eating bugs and snakes from wherever they came from

  9. This is just yet another fine example of how they abuse and insult our hospitality…they’re refugees who claimed things were SO bad where they were that they needercto flee yet now they forgot how good they have it here? Hmmmm I’m beginning to understand why they’ve been at war so long…cause they’re rude so our military should round those who “feel” their needs aren’t being met and give them 1 way flights with parachute landings somewhere out where they can fend for themself and rebuild themselves instead of whining that my tax dollars aren’t good enough…smh RUDE

    • If you’d read the article carefully you’d have realized that this story was in France. Not the US. No one made the comment “or we’ll leave the US” nor did anyone even say “or we’ll leave France.” While this did happen, in France, this story was poorly translated and it’s only purpose is to make you think Muslims are demanding such a thing, when in fact they’re not.
      But – BTW – when I went to public school, the lunch menu on Friday was always pizza and fish because Catholics didn’t eat meat on Fridays. But that’s different, right?

      • yes tlm! Only a douchebag would not realize that the Catholics changed and or brought their own bag lunches

      • Tim, You almost caught it all. Until you went off on your rant about Catholics.
        This is nothing more than a “Trump” fluff piece. The poorly written article is due to the fact it is not a professional writer. I did not even bother to fact check any of this but am quite sure that they changed a word or two here or there to make it fit their agenda. Wile I do admit the title caught my eye but since I have not read about it from any reliable media source, this was a waste of my time. I will be blocking this site from appearing in my news feed.

  10. This article was written by an AI bot. You can tell…in 20 years..they will have this tech down so well that we can do away with useless biased journalism majors. Cant wait.

  11. These religious radicals are ruining the country. They show no humility, are ungrateful and rude. If their countries are now stable I don’t know why were are not sending them back

    • They ruin every country they go to. But, that is the plan. Bankrupt, damage race relations and hold down women. I can’t understand how these young women in the US isn’t in an uproar over this.

    • I don’t know, but an “entire menu” of pork seems like a bit of a childish overreaction. I don’t see what’s wrong with having a pork free (actually meat free) option available, but I guess it gives us another point of contention over which to whine and moan about unreasonable demands of Muslims. Although, if we whine and moan about unreasonable demands of Christians it’s “A War on Christianity”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. When you go into a restaurant the menu is the menu the only special menu is for children. if you want a pork free menu go somewhere that does not serve pork. Go to a Muslim restaurant or cook it yourself. We don’t make changes just because someone wants to go in but does not like what is on the menu you go in because you like the food and atmosphere.

    • Yep, and then countless customers whine about the menu options. “Can I get that with salad instead of fries?” “Can I get that pesto without all the basil?” And, working for tips, waiters and waitresses are accommodating as possible while those in the kitchen quietly curse the front of the house.

      But yeah, only a Muslim would think of making unreasonable demands of a restaurant.


  14. I say Good Riddance! You come to this country expect every for free you want food stamps you want cash assistance you can’t speak English for god sakes you’re in America get out

  15. I say we raise more pigs and put pork in all resturants,,,,and fast food restaurants,,,I’m glad to hear they will leave,,,, see ya ,,,and don’t come back,,, go back to your own shit hole ,,,,and you can eat all the goats and sheep you want ,,,,besides we don’t want or need anything from you Muslims,,,,especially your bullshit Shiria bullshit law in the United States!
    Leave and don’t come back !

    • Its Sharia Law Russell not shiria and yes, why do we have to take so much bullshit from non citizens that have been taken for pity and now they want to own the place. No way . They should have not taken them in the first place. They give problems and headaches anywhere they go, non conformist and so strict in their stupid middle age laws. THEY SHOULD STAY IN THEIR COUNTRIES FOREVER.

  16. Pack your kids lunch, my son due to allergies had certain food constraints so I sent his lunch with him. Don’t be lazy make your kids lunch or better test move back to the Middle East where everyone eats the same.



  19. How do we accommodate our Jewish children who follow a kosher diet?
    Why can’t our Muslim immigrants be granted the same consideration?

  20. Kick out the ones who are here already and ban anymore from coming in from all Muslim countries. They are not welcome here anymore!!

  21. Leave already. We don’t have to succumb to your demands. You are here for a purpose other than to assimilate into society. You knew this was here before you came. You knew we have freedom of Religion and other freedoms that your previous country and your Sharia do not approve of. If you want what you left behind, go back.

  22. My reply would be bye bye!
    I think the school menus need to utilize more pork as it is less expensive than beef and the school lunch programs would go further!
    Gee, I wonder if they don’t eat corn flakes, websites, oatmeal and the like because just about every one of those grains are fertilized with pig poo!

  23. Leave dont like.get the hell out.their are usa people living on food or housing..and you want every thing.get the hell out

  24. I say, GET THE EFF OUT, go back to where U came from or where Islam is acceptable,,, ur religon is NOT American, NOT peaceful, IS suppressive, IS A LIE, IS NOT ACCEPTABLE HERE,,, Eat More Bacon!!!

    • What religion is American?
      If you’d read the article carefully you’d have realized that this story was in France. Not the US. No one made the comment “or we’ll leave the US” nor did anyone even say “or we’ll leave France.” While this did happen, in France, this story was poorly translated and it’s only purpose is to make you think Muslims are demanding such a thing, when in fact they’re not.
      But – BTW – when I went to public school, the lunch menu on Friday was always pizza and fish because Catholics didn’t eat meat on Fridays. But that’s different, right?

  25. Just because pork is on the menu. Doesn’t mean you have to order it. Do you think anyone will care if you leave America? Not hardly! Go back to where you came from and make your demands. How far do you think you will get? Your probably would lose you head and you know it.

  26. You don’t get to come in our country and dictate how to run pour system. If you don’t like the menu, pack a lunch. Don’t like that? Go back to where you came from. Buh fucking bye!

  27. These people are “fleeing” their native crappy countries to come to America to try and make it just like the crappy country they fled… That make no sense. They’re insane.

  28. I think school lunches are not that healthy, so I just make my child’s lunch, hey what a novelty idea!

  29. 1 don’t eat the pork there are other items on the plate
    2 pack a lunch on the days pork is served
    3 there is always peanut butter or cheese sandwiches, our kids have been feed that when they didn’t have lunch money
    4 you can always go home And worry if they are even going to eat.

    • It is outragous that people got the odecity todictate how to trrat them. PLEASE leave America for the sake of freedom of American people.go to SAudi Aarabia. You belong there.

  30. They are only here to take over our country! We have homeless people, without basic needs, and our tax dollars take care of these ungrateful ,Sharia loving, women hating Muslims! They abuse every freedom we provide, and it’s sickening! Stop trying to take over our culture, if You hate it, and us so much, Please go back to the tragic country You created, instead of trying to make ours the same Trainwreck!

  31. I bet 75% of the menu is already pork free. They can pack a lunch for their children on any day that they are serving pork. It’s not a hard concept but does require them to pay attention to the menu by day and make a lunch for their child. Are they too lazy to do that or are these that are grumbling on a free school lunch program and doesn’t want to spend money on their child to eat by their own religious beliefs.

  32. See ya’ later. I packed my children a lunch every day that they were in school. What’s wrong with you doing the same thing. I never asked for any special meal to be prepared for my child and I was born and raised in the USA. As my mother used to say….if you don’t like the way my back yard is run, then keep your child at home!!!!! Who cares is you stay in America anyway!!!!!

  33. Darlene has a point:
    1 don’t eat the pork there are other items on the plate
    2 pack a lunch on the days pork is served
    3 there is always peanut butter or cheese sandwiches, our kids have been feed that when they didn’t have lunch money
    4 you can always go home And worry if they are even going to eat.

  34. When in ROME do as the ROMAN’S do! Or go back where they cater to your beliefs. Lol! Be happy to be in a country as good as America. Or you can go home. I think I would quit complaining and enjoy the life you have here. Something as minut as pork should not be a issue here where we eat pork alot, and have no intention of excluding it from our menus.

  35. What the hell are you doing in a country that eats pork??!! Don’t you know you are standing on ground where pigs have wallowed…eaten…been slaughtered???!! Get out!! Get out now…run for your life!!!

  36. This is America if you dont like whats on the menu dont eat it but if its offensive to you and you want to leave america because of it see ya. Get fucking lost we work hard for our food and we like pork chops we never said come join us here in the united states we were actually killing you in your own country leave if you dont like it remember you asked to come here

  37. With Obama it was a goal to eradicate Christians and make them seem evil and by that allowing Anti-Christian Muslim values to trump any other religion and right.

    The pork thing is one issue wait until it gets to gays ir any LGBT. They will want them to go to a separate schools then demand at least one sacrifice/stoning per day to appease them.

    That probably after that they demand mandatory representation by population and implementation of sharia law. Then mandatory positions like Governor, judges, supreme court spots etc.

    Remember the average American family has less than two children while the average Muslim family ranges from 8 to 24 or more children. And because of our income based supplemental programs the majority are being supported by the rest of the country. We are paying for food housing cell phones electricity water gas which adds up to billions and billions of dollars per year. It will only take a few short Generations before the majority of the United States and the world is Muslim.

    Historically speaking their empire would grow and spread across the globe every 200 to 400 years until it almost wipes out every other religion then they push back and wipe them out and push them back to their Homeland. Unfortunately this is no longer obviously politically correct. There are no restrictions against society’s being driven out of their own countries because of an invading mostly non-violent Force. This has been a long-term strategy 4 the Muslim communities worldwide.

    They know that they would never win an all-out War. So they use the country’s social services and programs against themselves. There is no restriction except for a couple countries regarding Muslim immigration and restrictions on number of children. When you do the math it is quite simple the rest of the world hope Simply Be bred out of existence.

    The Us and other countries have laws that protect native species of animals throughout the world except for humans. There is no endangered human list.

    What can rest of the world do to protect their Heritage and religion? Or will it simply come down to World Wide War?

  38. If you don’t like something don’t order it. So all I have to say to you is, Bye see you UMMM… NEVER. Don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split you. BTW… Just had four corn dogs for lunch and they was so yummy can’t wait to get me some more. Oh and had two sausage, egg and cheese on two english muffins for breakfast this morning.

  39. Don’t like what they serve pack your own darn lunch or maybe home school your kids or you could just leave., You do have choices

  40. Vegetarians ignore everything on the menu except the veggies, Muslims can ignore the pork…..or go home to that “wonderful” war ridden country that you left!!! God I’m sick of these people!!!

  41. I prefer a pork free-menu. Well except for bacon (American and Canadian), ribs, ham, tenderloin, chops, bacon (American and Canadian), pulled, cutlets, butt, loin, sausage, bacon (American and Canadian), prosciutto, jamon serrano, bacon (American and Canadian), pancetta, roast, and bacon (American and Canadian). You can keep those pickled pig feet, ears, and chitterlings away from my menu.

  42. We go to ethnic areas for real Italian food. Go to an Arab area. That is what is great about our country. What if we insisted on Beef in your FN Country for Americans that have migrated there that work there. Oh Hell no! Go get your genitals mutilated will ya!

  43. Well now, seems to me that every ethnic group fom every Country has opened a restaurant , actually many, many restaurants, so there solves the problem

  44. Fine. Leave and take all the Hollywood people that said they were leaving when President Trump was elected with you. If you don’t like what the schools are serving for lunch, send your kids to school with a bag lunch. That’s the American way.

  45. Americans for one will never give up ham or bacon or pork sausage so give up EVER getting Pork Free Diets.. My question is this… are you muslims so dense and backward and helpless you can’t read and or comprehend what you read and can’t speak or explain clearly what you wish to say to others so they understand what it is you want or do not want or can have?? If you go to a place to eat you read the menu and pick from it items that have NO pork in them. NO meaning zero..nada..none.. If you pick items with no pork in them your safe according to your backward logic.. this is not to say there was NO pork grease on the skillet that your item is fried or cooked on or in.. but sorry the majority wins so one person out of 20 gets the winning vote. If you want totally no pork products to touch you in any way stay HOME and cook for yourself ! simple fix that easy.. think your whittle brain can wrap around that reality or does it have to broke down even simpler?? OR.. or go back to your heathen land in the sand and make it work where they don’t know what pork is 🙂

  46. Why don’t these people like Al Sharpton , Miley Cyrus and this Hateful Muslim follow through with their promises and commitments? I will tell you why. It is because it’s about them forcing their beliefs down your throat even if it involves telling a bold face like!!! Why can’t people see through their lies and manipulations? Some people can be fooled so easy!!!

  47. then go to just the muslim-geared restaurants, if there aren’t any, then encourage your muslim community in the US to open their own restaurant, you certainly have an easier time getting a minority based loan to do so

  48. They speak our language or leave. I’m tired of having to press 1 for English or whatever to get the language that should be the only language spoken if you live in this country. You moved to this country, so therefore, you have no right to demand that we give up anything or convert to anything or change anything. If you do not like the way things are here, then you are free to go back wherever you came from. Personally, I do not want any potentially Muslim terrorist running free in my country. I would like to see every illegal person, be it Mexican, Muslim, Japanese, Korean, or whatever country, it doesn’t matter…..deported. If you are here illegally, you do not belong here. If you are not willing to change to our way of living and speak our language, then you do not belong here. To he’ll with foreign rights. You have no right!!! You are illegal!!!!

  49. You need to rember americans as a hole nation did not ask you to come here and as far as you trying to force someone else to you way go back were your from we have anough of being kind to you or any other illigall so get the f—out we dont wont you here you or not the type that wants help u just want to try and take over but that aint r ver going to happen so please leave do us o faver

  50. I think it’s hilarious that she and her fellow Muslims would threaten to leave the U.S. unless all of our restaurants allow a pork free menu. I say well you obviously became a citizen or were born here, however, you knew how America is tolerant to all religions but if you threaten to leave the country because you want to change it then have a nice flight. The lady in the video obviously wore a lot of makeup and would she change her beliefs if she knew how much animal substances are found in makeup and including pigs. So let’s see here, Gelatin, boiled skin from dead animals which is added to nails and cosmetics, Squalene is extracted from the liver of sharks and added to eye makeup and lipstick, Tallow which is added to lipstick, makeup and foundations after they extract it from boiling animals, including pigs, until a fatty substance is produced and then applied to your hypocritical face.

  51. Assimilate or go home. You don’t want pork then don’t eat pork. But don’t dare to think you can come here and demand us to stop and change our rights to live as we see fit. This is America and we will always live by our own beliefs and and rights to choose for ourselves. Not controlled by a ideology that chooses to control and dominate others by force of death. Assimilate or just go to the home or hole you crawled from.

  52. This article is so full of grammatical errors that I suspect English is not the author’s first language. Also, no state or school district is ever mentioned. This is a good indication that this is a fake story designed to elicit anger from the reader. But, if it were true I’d say, “no one is forced to eat lunch at school. If you don’t like the menu, pack a lunch. If that’s not possible because of financial issues, beggers can’t be choosers. Eat it or do without.”

  53. If you look at most fast food menus in other countries plus the usa they serve the same stuff all over the world. If you don’t like what we eat here go back to where you came from. We could not go to your country & demand the same. It doesn’t work like that. We couldn’t go to your country & demand our churches built like you do here. We could not go to your country & demand our laws put into place. Its doesn’t work that way. Think back to why you came to the USA you came here because your country forced their beliefs onto you, why would you come here & do the same to us.

  54. you have restaurants that give you the option of pork. all restaurants aren’t required to give you a pork option. if you don’t like, you have the option to leave and go somewhere else. it is that simple. you are the guests here. you aren’t the ones who must tell us how our country must operate.

  55. I can’t have gluten or lactose because of severe allergies. You know what I do? Make my own food. I dont go out because I honestly can’t without getting sick.My husband’s family is Jewish and they just don’t buy pork products. I don’t see where there should even be a demand for this. You cant eat it? Then don’t. Find a way around it, but don’t expect everyone to bend to your will because you’re a special snowflake. I understand the religious bits about it however I’m sure they can always buy kosher or Halal foods and make their own meals.

  56. If they promise to go home, let them. They wanted to come here. No one forced them to come. Assimlate or leave. Their immediate departure ups the chances of fewer probblems in our country, and we already hace enough.i

  57. Sorry had to put my blt down to read this but my pork roast was almost done so I again had to stop but now I’m good to go ……ok here it is if you are here to be an AMERICAN great grand awesome welcome to the family if you are here because you want to bitch and complain good bye if you think we need to adapt our ways for you to be happy then good bye if you think molesting oops I mean marrying a 12 year old girl is cool goodbye are ya getting my drift so if you came here wanting the American dream to be an AMERICAN follow American laws and social
    Structure then great if not then piss off and hop a plane back to whatever godforsaken child molesting non pork eating genitalia mutilating anti gay hunk of land you came from we have enough home grown dipshittery here already without your bull crap…thank you and have a great day may Jesus bless you and show you the one true God, you know the one who doesn’t marry 12 year old girls or allow oops almost went onto another run on sentence rant.

  58. Just send your child to school with a lunch he/she can eat according to your religion. I’m fairly sure that most schools send home a weekly lunch menu. Some schools offer it online. NOW, if you do not want pork served in a school or restaurant…that is an entirely different situation. I would suggest that you go back to your homeland.

  59. BYE, the United States is my country to be proud of, to fight for, not to be mainpulated by disrespectful people… BYE. I wont lose sleep.

  60. i dont want to eat anyplace tgeres Muslims. I dont want to be around them.
    i eat pork every day man. but it not 2 olease or displease Muslims. I wish theyd all figure out we dislike their sorry gd asses and leave on their own… They get way too much free shit 2 leave the USA … we are dreaming hopefully , fooling ourselves thinking all tge sorry fucking filthy Muslims are leaving on their own.

  61. Of course it’s fake. What kind of idiot would not IMMEDIATELY see that there is NO POSSIBLE MOTIVATION for a MUSLIM WOMAN to SAY THIS in 21st-century Amerikkka? These agiti-prop manufacturers are REALLY talentless hacks these days. I guess all the skilled ones (I almost said “good”, LOL) must have left when the Human Butt-Plug assumed the Almost-Round Room. Oedipal Orifces…

  62. Nearly all of the things you state is supprisingly accurate and that makes me ponder the reason why I had not looked at this in this light previously. This piece truly did turn the light on for me as far as this subject goes. But at this time there is actually 1 factor I am not necessarily too comfy with and whilst I attempt to reconcile that with the core theme of the issue, permit me observe exactly what the rest of the readers have to point out.Nicely done.

  63. […] The wearing of the full face veil in public has caused controversy throughout Europe. In some countries bans are being put in place — sometimes complete and sometimes partial — with women being denied access to state offices if they insist on wearing face coverings. Here, NSS Member Des Langford considers the pro and cons of a UK public ban and draws his own personal conclusions. […]


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