Melania Trump’s Response to Harvey vs. Michelle Obama’s Response To Sandy


We know how dangerous the recent floods caused by Hurricane Harvey were.

The people there did nothing wrong in order to suffer, and that is why they deserve our thoughts and prayers.

But instead of focusing on that, the mainstream media would gladly boost their ratings and talk about our First Lady.

In order to show some support to the victims, but also check on the work done concerning the damages, Donald Trump and Melania decided to travel to Texas. And the most interesting thing the media got to focus on was the fact that the gorgeous wife was wearing high heels on her flight. According to Young Cons, it couldn’t have backfired more on them.

The liberals thought they had a good chance of turning things around and making people laugh at us. However, they did not realize how many things could go wrong for them. First of all, Melania changed her outfit in the airplane and arrived in white sneakers instead of those heels (she could walk easily in the stormy areas). Next, a meme went viral, comparing Melania to Michelle Obama.

Here is how it looked:

Yes, Michelle did not visit the victims and damages after Sandy hit the United States. It was an awful time for our nation, but she obviously did not care enough to bother. It is right to say this – better to go in high heels than not go at all.

But this is not the only thing we should be looking at. Recent studies and numbers from Forbes show the biggest difference between Obama and Trump’s wives.

You may know that Melania currently has 5 employed staffers to help her around. That is exactly 19 less than the number Michelle had at this time during her serving. Believe it or not, she had 24 assistants for seemingly doing nothing. Melania knows that one of the main reasons Trump was voted President is that he promised to bring the wealth back to the families, and she is helping him achieve that.

She will be saving 5.1 million dollars in taxes just by her employees. To make it even better, Trump’s administration has 110 less employees overall. During a 4-year span, that will save us 22 million dollars that could be used in much better fields.

So come again, how does Trump not care about money but spends far more effectively than the highly-worshiped Obama? He is smart to cut off on random schedulers, planners, associates and secretaries, something Michelle never learned.

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