BOMBSHELL: This Famous Fox News Personality Is Going to Work for Trump. Do You Support?


It is safe to say that we need some fresh faces in our government. Some representatives have been there for years who have not done ANYTHING productive for our country. It looks like Trump may have just made one of his best picks yet.

According to a tweet by Jack Posobiec, Laura Ingraham has just been approved for security clearance by the Department of Justice! The bottom of the tweet reads, “They want her on the podium.” We are excited that Laura is going to have this chance to prove how much she loves her country.


Ingraham has made a name for herself over the past few years on TV, working on her radio show, and writing books. One of her bestsellers was a classic called The Obama Diaries, where she went through and systematically picked apart Barack and Michelle Obama by way of their OWN diary entries.

We NEED someone this honest on the DOJ to help us make some progress in our nation. As of now, we are stuck with a majority of left-wingers who are actively opposing President Trump and slowing down everything we do to a snail crawl. We cannot continue to function as a country if this keeps up.

The next logical step is to start replacing the people who are causing the slowdown. Imagine this scenario as if it were any other job. If everyone at a cup-making factory is producing 50 cups a day, and there is one guy who slows down the system and makes it so that everyone is only making 25 cups a day, what do you do? You FIRE him!

Once he is fired, you find another person who can fit the job description and help deliver RESULTS. Contrary to what liberals believe, people in the real world do not care about your feelings — we care about RESULTS.

Ingraham is going to bring a fresh face and opinion to the table. There is no doubt that she is capable of being one of the best additions to our government that we’ve seen in years.

How long do you think it will take the Left to start attacking her? I’m betting not long. Despite not hearing a peep of liberal hate toward Laura in the past, you can bet that this new position of hers will get them riled up.

Suddenly, there is going to be a huge outcry about how she is a “racist bigot” and shouldn’t be allowed in office. We watched this happen multiple times over the last half a year — it is predictable at this point. Thankfully, the patriots of this country know the truth about Laura and will come to her aid.

Laura is down to earth, holds true to American values, and WANTS us to do better as a country. You have to respect, and at least be willing to listen to, someone with that mentality.

Laura Ingraham moving to a role in the Trump administration is great news for American patriots. Do you support her? Let everyone know!

We will NOT let the Left continue attacking the people Trump brings into office because they don’t agree with them politically or morally. It is unfair and only promotes their childlike behavior. Donald Trump is president now, and HE is running the show with HIS staff. Get over it.

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  1. Yes, I like Laura, she’s a very knowledgeable, no nonsense kind of girl. Anyway that’s how she strikes me. I think Trump is catching on to how Washington works with his latest picks! God bless him and his staff. Hope the changes work out.

  2. She will be a great addition to the Trump Administration. We really like Laura & she will do a great job at what ever she does. Congratulations to you Laura.


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