Donald Trump Just Announced Big Change To VA


President Trump held a press conference today on which he announced the big change to the VA. He announced a new ‘telehealth’ service for our veterans. In other words, this means that veterans who need mental help, it will be much more accessible to them.

You might ask yourselves the question, what does this mean for our veterans?

Well, this change will allow our veterans to receive the help from VA directly from their phones or computer. This is especially important for those veterans who require mental health help.

Moreover, this will also allow the doctors to check up and examine veterans in more rural areas in America.

In addition, this new program will also allow the veterans to schedule appointments now. You might not know this, but the waiting lines to receive help from the VA can be up to 7 hours long.

See folks? Ignore those idiotic liberal media. President Trump is staying true to his promise. He is improving the life of our veterans and improving the life of Americans every single day.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you like this new change to the VA?


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