Al Sharpton Tried Makes Pathetic Attempt To Attack Ivanka Trump, Backfires Right In His Face


Recently, Al Sharpton showed just how ignorant he really is when he attempted to criticize Ivanka Trump. Instead, he ended up butchering the English language through the entire thing.

“They say now she ain’t got no title. She ain’t got no role. We ain’t payin’ her no money. But she can see everything classified,” Sharpton said of the well-respected First Daughter.

“Giving an office in the West Wing of Ivanka Trump, somebody explain to me how you can give security clearance, access to classified material, and an office to somebody that don’t have a title or job?” Sharpton continued.

This is the grammar of someone who considers himself to be a leader and preacher. But language aside, the sheer hypocrisy is outstanding. Who is Sharpton to talk about ethics?

This is the same man who pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor for failing to file a state income tax return. The law bars nonprofits from making loans to officers, but her was forced to admit that his National Action Network had given him a private loan for his daughter’s tuition. That’s just one in a long list of scandals for Sharpton.


It’s time for him to get off his high horse. Do you agree?



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