10 Of The Most Shocking Presidential Affairs In U.S. History


Love affairs are something that can not be hidden for long, more especially, from the media. Today, one of our most targeted and trending topics was born out of curiosity as we went on research to find out some love affairs not everyone would have seen. The United State Presidency is our major concern.

10 Of The Most Shocking Presidential Affairs In The US History

10. John F. Kennedy And Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe is as yet a standout amongst the most perceived on-screen characters to ever hit the silver screen. Notwithstanding featuring in many movies, her most infamous part was played in Palm Springs when she apparently became JFK’s mistress. The two hobnobbed in Bing Crosby’s California summer home. After their meeting, Monroe clearly called the First Lady and informed her concerning the undertaking.

Jackie Kennedy was not shocked by the occasion and advised Monroe to wed Jack then she could manage the bothers of the White House.

9. Bill Clinton and Paula Jones

In the year 1991, Bill Clinton supposedly took part in an extramarital entanglements with Paula Jones in a Little Rock, Arkansas lodging room. Jones met with Clinton to talk about his crusade when he made a go at her, which went poorly. Stunned by the occasion, Jones indicted Clinton and sued him for inappropriate behaviour.

8. John F. Kennedy and Judith Campbell Exner

Kennedy was known to blend with loads of stars in Hollywood including the unbelievable individuals from the Rat Pack. Amid a stay in Las Vegas, Frank Sinatra purportedly acquainted Kennedy with Judith. The combine in the end ended up plainly required in a sentimental undertaking that Exner later uncovered to the press.

7. Bill Clinton and Gennifer Flowers

Gennifer Flowers is a former model and performer who asserted to take part in an extramarital entanglements with president Clinton before he entered office. Blossoms was working at a news station in Little Rock when she met Bill and started their issue. She went onto Hollywood however kept seeing Clinton. Afterward, she said in a court proclamation that her issue with Bill gone on for a long time. Blooms asserts that Bill reached her as late as 2005. Her encounters with Bill are distributed in her book Passion and Betrayal.

6. Bill Clinton and Elizabeth Gracen

Before she was an on-screen character, Gracen was a youthful model who won the title of Miss Arkansas in 1981. She in the long run went ahead to win the enormous part of Miss America which got the attention of Bill Clinton. As an Arkansas lawmaker, Clinton in the end ran into the state genius and they stayed in contact when she moved to New York to be a performer. Gracen in the long run uncovered that amid her time in NYC her and Bill had a one night remain before he turned into the President of the United States.

5. Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky

During the period of the relationship, Monica was a 21-year-old assistant. At the initial state, Clinton denied the relationship but was compelled to admit to his lies after confirmation was appeared amid a thorough investigation.

4.George H. W. Bush and Jennifer Fitzgerald

Bush evidently took part in an affair entanglements inside the Oval Office with his chief deputy of protocol. An associate to Bill Clinton apparently got to know about the bond. The relationship was never confirmed anyway.

3. John F. Kennedy and Mimi Alford


JFK reportedly had an affair with the 19-year-old intern when he first took office. Their affair lasted for 18-months until Jack finally ended the relationship. This affair became one of the many cheating scandals that haunt Kennedy’s presidency.

2.John. F. Kennedy and Angie Dickinson

Marilyn Monroe wasn’t the only actress to become involved with President Kennedy. Actress Angie Dickinson reportedly had an affair with Kennedy while he was in the White House.However, Hollywood circles at the time knew about the affair and weren’t afraid to talk about it. Angie is still alive today but has never commented on the affair.

1.Lyndon B. Johnson and Helen G. Douglas

Johnson started his reputation as womanizer long before he became president. He was known to have affairs that lasted years and were hidden from everyone but his wife. One of his first scandalous relationships began during his time as a U.S. congressman. He became involved with Helen G. Douglas who was a congresswoman at the time.



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